Hi! I'm Helen. I'm 23 (getting old but SHH), and I'm a Cosplayer, Gaming geek and Roleplayer that lives in Silent Hill because some prick blew up Raccoon City... I'm also VERY happily taken. Feel free to send any Asks my way! <3

I’m 99.9% sure I’m miles behind for something, but fuck knows what xD



Anonymous said:


Is this the same person or like more than one? xD 

Anonymous said:
You're a other British Phan, right? I got an email saying my stuff from the store got sent last Thursday- have you gotten yours yet?

I’ve only just seen this, but my stuff arrived yesterday so yours should be here soon, too! :D

Reblog if you’re a nobody on Tumblr but you’re still very proud of your blog.





this is it. my 3 seconds of fame.


For those of you who haven’t seen my constant reblogs about this here’s some info for you. I really want this visual novel to get funded because it looks amazing and is made by amazing people. It only has three days to raise about $1,000 which, to be honest, seems a little improbable which is why I think everyone should be reblogging and funding this project today. 

For just a second I’m also going to do some simple math here. $1000 looks like a lot to raise in 3 days, but I’m estimating with the price of most of the tiers it will take between 25-40 people to get it funded. But that’s only if no one funds the higher tiers (and lets face it, who wouldn’t you fund the higher tiers? They have some super awesome tiers.) I’m about to be one of those 25-40 people and you guys should be too!

Go fund it here!

(You may not resume your regularly scheduled blogging)

IT CAME! IT FINALLY CAME!! I bought this as my reward for quitting smoking (3 weeks smoke-free! YAY!!) and I could not be happier haha

Jut realised my hair has gone kinda crazy at the back, but oh well xD