Hi! I'm Helen. I'm 23 (getting old but SHH), and I'm a Cosplayer, Gaming geek and Roleplayer that lives in Silent Hill because some prick blew up Raccoon City... I'm also VERY happily taken. Feel free to send any Asks my way! <3

This post is my 2 cents on what the HELL happened at the Tobuscus Meet Up in London today. I, THANKFULLY, wasn’t there, but a few of my friends were. One of them got a bit crushed in the mad crowd, and one of them had a panic attack and was attended by medical personel, but otherwise they are OK. A girl got her leg impaled on the fence, some others got crushed a bit by the crowds….

Now, I think this was a fucking DISGRACE to us British members of the Audience. YOU ACTED LIKE FERAL CHILDREN! Toby was swamped… No, MOBBED by 2000 people the second he arrived. 2 THOUSAND people. Did anyone think to give him space? NO. He was stuck against the fence, held in place by his OWN FANS. He actully had to CLIMB THE FENCE JUST TO GET OUT OF THERE! When I first heard about this, I was in TEARS I was that enraged. You can see on his face in his Vlog he put on his main channel that he is feeling REALLY uncomfortable. He barely had room to breathe!

Toby is ONLY HUMAN. He should be treated like such. He isn’t a fucking sack of meat for the feral ones amoungst us to drool over and fight for. There was no need for this AT ALL. Toby is just a human being. He’s just your average guy- he doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. If everyone there had just been calm and let him have a bit of space, I don’t think anyone would have been hurt and that it would have been a pretty pleasant experience. BUT NO! There HAD to be some fucking IDIOTS who trapped him. Toby ACTUALLY GOT HURT BECAUSE OF YOU! That’s just too much!

This has seriously pissed me off. I am ASHAMED to call myself a British Audience member right now because of you. Toby will probably be scared by his wounds- IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT HIM TO REMEMBER ENGLAND BY? Toby doesn’t deserve this- you should be ASHAMED of yourselves, acting the way you did. What if Toby never comes back because of this experience? What about us NORMAL MEMBERS OF THE AUDIENCE WHO DON’T ACT LIKE FUCKING ANIMALS?! WHY did you act like fucking BRATS and RUIN it for EVERYONE?

…. I’m stopping here. I could go on for HOURS about this. The pictures are Toby commenting about what injuries he sustained (sounds fucking HORRIBLE) and the second is how TERRIFIED he looked in his Vlog…

God damn it… You’re a disgrace to the Audience and you should be ASHAMED

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    Aw man, I hope he’s OK now. This just wasn’t British, chaps :C
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    Dear God, I knew there were crazy fans out there but come on…that’s just horrible, hell there is no words to described...
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